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Xiaoning Qian

Associate Professor, ECE @ Texas A&M

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Research Group



MS 3128, TAMU
College Station, TX 77843
Office: WERC 205J
Phone: +1 979-845-6268

Reproducible Research

  • Code for our recent development of Optimal filtering and MOCU-based OED with stochastic differential equations (SDEs).
  • Code for our recent development of Bayesian supervised domain adaptation for analyzing RNA-Seq data.
  • Code for our recent development of Bernoulli VAE for Hashing.
  • Code, data & results for our learnable Bernoulli dropout (LBD).
  • Code for our recent dynamic graph analytics research.
  • Code & data for the switching Gaussian Process model.
  • Code for image co-saliency detection CSLA.
  • Code for covariate-dependent Bayesian factor analysis dNBFA.
  • Code for Bayesian optimal experimental design BOED-SMA.
  • Code for condition-dependent metabolic network modeling with the new package TRIMER.
  • Code for Bayesian negative binomial regression BNBR.
  • Code for Bayesian RNA-seq differential expression analysis BNP-Seq.
  • Code for our robust bi-level optimization for metabolic engineering: pROOM.
  • Code for our functional module identification: FLCD.
  • Code for bi-level optimization, feature selection, feature screen, etc. developed by Shaogang Ren.
  • Code for graph analytics, including SIG-VAE, VGRNN, GDC, BayReL, etc. developed by Ehsan Hajiramezanali and other students and collaborators.

Code Repositories

  • Group GitHub repository (that requires the authorized access.)
  • My personal repository

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